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About Wheatgrass

Wheat grass juice is the freshly squeezed juice from the leaves of the ORGANIC spelt that is afterwards shock deep frozen. This spelt grass juice is chemical-free and is made of spelt grown on a naturally closed organic field, it is oftentimes referred to as “green blood”. Nowadays people tend to live a stressful, fast paced life and they eat inordinately, consuming less fruits and vegetables, which will later result in diseases, either vascular or anaemic. Many consider wheat grass juice to be the most nutritious, most healing food in the world. Besides chlorophyll, it also contains active minerals, proteins, vitamins and trace elements as well.

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Presentation of Transylvania

Transylvania is a land of magical nature, history and a mix of culture. It is set in the middle of Romania, surrounded by mountains and hills. It is a land with extraordinary mountains, flowery hills, and natural sights with rich forests. Here you'll be delighted by the natural beauty around you. The entire region is rich in biodiversity. Besides the beauties of nature, the region has a unique culture with interesting traditions and welcoming communities with great social atmosphere.

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